North-East India in India-Asean Relations : A Strategic and Developmental Perspective

In the post-Cold war period India and ASEAN countries have revived their economic relations which were badly affected during the Cold War. Continuous interest in each other in the changed world order has strengthened the relationship. India in the early 90s initiated the “Look East Policy” with a view of closer engagement with its extended neighbourhood so far has led to cooperation in many fields, from economic to defence – strategic.

India’s inclusion as full dialogue partner of ASEAN in 1995, membership in ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) in 1996, its inclusion in the East Asia Summit (EAS) in December 2005 and recent India-ASEAN FTA have been a part of a continuing process of mutual engagement. Both India and ASEAN has showed interest to have Summit level diplomacy and a new direction was started with the first ASEAN-India Summit, held in Phnom Penh in the year 2002.




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