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Skill development in NE need of hour

Vocational training, education are important components of employability and a systematic approach to these components helps in correct employment of workforce with sustainable enterprise development. Skill development is key in achieving such sustainable development along with overall development of any economy. A nation’s prosperity mainly depends on number of people engaged in employment and their productivity. Strategies for skill development need to be connected with future growth prospects, employability and development scenario.  Hence, various initiatives in this direction are required to be linked with education, existing labour market, technology, macro-economic policies which contribute towards generating employment.

Employability of youth in India has been drawing significant attention of governments as well as policy makers and it has resulted in creation of a dedicated ministry for Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, various initiatives, measures with consistent approach for skilling young population of the country in the last one decade. The North-East region face lack of development due to culmination various factors like insurgency, ethnic violence, infrastructural bottleneck, geographical isolation, lack in trained workforce, slow pace of industrialisation, peripheral mode of production etc. The region, comprising of eight states, share around 4% of the youth in India in the age group of 15 to 35. The region’s proportion of unemployed youth is relatively higher and it is almost double as compared to the national average. According to a study, between 2011-2022 the region will create only 2.6 million jobs, whereas there will be the availabality of 17 million job seekers during the period. Out of the projected 2.6 million jobs, almost half of the demand will be in Assam only. Therefore, a holistic approach for developing skills in the region, taking into account its topography, sectors of production, skill training infrastructure, preference for jobs, self –employment opportunities, is the need of the hour. It is imperative to utilise the demographic advantages of the region to bring in market linked skill development.

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